Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Why every girl should own a sheer top

Every girl should own at least one sheer top in their closet. It is an excellent staple item and a cool, breezy blouse perfect for summer. This top always speaks with sophistication and elegance. This sleek top can be used in a formal and casual look. One day, you could pair this top with nice slacks or tucked into a classy skirt. The next day, you could wearing it casually with a pair of summer shorts. This top is simple, yet allows for so much creativity in putting together the perfect outfit.
From left to right:
Sheer Top in Coral- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14015
Sheer Top in Black Floral- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=7825
Sheer Top in Peach- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=7833
Sheer Top in White- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=10910

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