Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Twinning Tuesday

It's Twinning Tuesday! We love this fashionable, breezy lace vest for this summer's wardrobe. Kendall Jenner is wearing her super chic long lace vest on the left. Giddy Up has a similar lace vest on the right. We also have coral and mocha, if you want to change up your look.
black lace vest- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14383

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Classic White Tee

The classic white tee is something everyone has in their closet. Instead, you can upgrade your white tee to the trendy, plain white tunic. Regardless, this simple shirt gives you so much room to accessorize. That bold jewelry that was so cute, but you never knew when you would get a chance to wear it; now is your chance. Giddy Up Glamour has all the necessities to complete this look. Not only do we have your plain tunic, but we have a huge selection of jewelry in every color and style imaginable.
Get to Shoppin!
Purple Seedbead- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=6386
Turquoise Cross Necklace- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=8924
Multi Color Cross Necklace- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14215
Turquoise Tassel Necklace- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14269
Simple White Tunic- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14369

It's Wedding Season!

Giddy Up has everything you need to attend that summer wedding. From the outdoor casual wedding the fancy indoor church wedding, we have any kind of dress you need to fit the venue! Here's a tip to help you pick from our fabulous dress selection- Consider the location, time of day, and comfort level. And NEVER forget, don't wear white!
Pink with blue lace- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=11602
Blue lace- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=13565
Burgundy- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=10436
Salmon- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=13904

Summer Jewelry Trend- Tassels!

A popular style of jewelry we keep seeing this summer is the tassel jewelry. Even some of the Hollywood celebrities, Hillary Duff and Jessica Alba, are loving this trend. Giddy up Glamour has many different styles of tassel necklaces, including bright colors and reversible.
Stay in style at gugonline.com visit our 'New Arrivals' !
Right-Neon Yellow Tassel- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14357
Middle-Neon Pink Tassel- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14356
Left-Turquoise Tassel- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14362

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We Love Our Lace

Lace is a great way to make a girl feel elegant and beautiful. Here at Giddy Up Glamour, we have many lace items for you to strut around in style this summer. Lace started as this spring's major fashion trend and is definitely here to stay for the summer.
Top right- Lace dress in Turquoise- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14281
Bottom right- Lace romper in Ivory- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14279
Top left- Lace shorts in Black- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=11359
Bottom left- Lace Maxi dress in Black- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=11665

What do you wear to the gym?

We all know it's workout season and we are all trying our best to keep that summer bod for summer vacation. Well, now you can look fashionable for a day at the gym. Giddy Up Glamour has all the necessary items. All the athletic shorts and shoes are on sale too!
Chevron Athletic Shorts- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=12238
Aztec Athletic Shorts- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=12242
Cheetah Athletic Shorts- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=12241
Mint and Pink Aztec Athletic Shoes- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=12694
Neon Aztec Athletic Shoes- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=12130
Cheetah Athletic Shoes- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=12693

find many more styles at gugonline.com and search 'athletic'

Summer Fashion

Another fashionable summer go-to piece everyone wants in their closet, is a romper. From a day at the beach to a dinner night out, this chic lace romper is another outfit easy to dress up or down for any occasion. Dress it down with minimal jewelry and simple, summery sandals. We have dressed up our model with a long necklace, simple cross earrings, and a blingy bangle set.
Ivory Lace Romper- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14279
Bangle set- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=5651
Long Cross Necklace- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14192
Cross Earrings- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14200

We also have this super cute, lace romper in black! http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=14280

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Who doesn't love a maxi?

The maxi dress is probably one of the most handy staple items a girl can have. They serve as a wonderful base to create any desired look. Dress it up with nice jewelry and wedges, or dress it down with flip flops and a pair of cute shades. I mean, it could even be used as a swimsuit cover up. This is a must have item for the summer to save the day for any last minute occasion.
Top right- Picture Perfect Paisley in Coral- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=12003
Bottom right- Just a Maxi Mint and White- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=8419
Middle- Now or Never Neon Ruffle in Green- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=11751
Top left- I'm so Glam Mint and Gold- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=11557
Bottom left- This ain't your Mama's Taupe Maxi- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=8824

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Here are some of our latest hot pink items, because who doesn't love pink?
Go to www.giddyupglamouronline.com and click on 'new arrivals'

Are You 4th of July ready?

We have everything you need to get ready to celebrate for the 4th of July. On the left, we have our very popular 'Fly High Distressed American Flag Vest.' On the right, we have our super cute 'Justice For All American Flag Jeans' paired with our 'Home of the Brave Red and White Striped Bow Tank,' perfect for that hot summer weather. We have many more patriotic merchandise. Just go to www.giddyupglamouronline.com and click on 'patriotic goodies.'