Thursday, July 24, 2014

Are You Ready To Tailgate Thursday?

Hey GUG Gals!

With the FCS Kickoff right around the corner we have huddled up a few game day outfits that are sure to score at your next tailgate! Get ready for college football season by celebrating College Colors Day in style. On August 29nd, fans around the country are encouraged to sport their school colors in hope to embody the college experience and promote school spirit. We hope to see a lot of ladies in Giddy Up Glamour game day outfits!

Sam Houston State University:
Sammy the Bearkat can't do it alone! On November 1, 2014 help beat one of the biggest rivalries in Texas by wearing one orange and blue GUG favorites! Eat Em Up Kats!

University of Alabama:
The tide will roll with all it's Alabama girls wearing these GUG game day dress in Crimson and White! ROLL TIDE!

Texas A&M University:
Time spent tailgating in Aggie-land can be just as memorable as the game- so make your outfit memorable too in these GUG game day dresses! Cheer your team on in maroon and white in style! Whoop!

Louisiana State University:
Glam up for game day at LSU and help them smoke the tide in the GUG purple and gold game day dresses! Geaux Tigers!

University of Texas:
Get hooked on these perfect game day dresses for the upcoming 2014 football season! Hook Em Horns!

Texas Tech University:
Cheer on your Red Raiders in your school colors and Wreck 'em Tech!!

University of Florida:
Only Gators get out alive in these game day dresses. Show your pride in GUG orange and blue dresses and you'll sure to catch Tim Tebow's eye!

University of Oklahoma:
You can't enter Sooner nation without repping crimson and cream so go to for the perfect game day attire. Boomer Sooner!

University of Mississippi:
Hotty Toddy Gosh almighty are these GUG dresses perfect for this tailgating season! Be a part of the tradition and help support you alma mater the Ole Miss Rebels!

Go to to place an order! Be sure to hashtag #collegecolors and #giddyupglamour on August 29th to show your school spirit! We hope to see some Giddy Up Glamour at some tailgates and games in the Fall!

Good Luck to all of your teams! XOXO- The Girls at GUG

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Necklace To Wear Wednesday?

Hey GUG Gals!

We hope that you're having a fabulous Wednesday! Choosing accessories can sometimes be an exhausting task. Deciding weather or not you have chosen too much or too little can be a bit confusing.When it comes to picking the perfect necklace to go with the neckline on your top, you might find yourself in quite the dilemma. Well today we are here to help you decide which necklace to chose, by showing you what looks best with certain necklines!

1. Crew Neck: Crew necklines are high cut and usually fit right around the neck. Therefore when choosing a necklace you have lots of room to accessorize. In our example, we used a smaller statement necklace with a graphic tee. In this case we were trying to not cover up the graphic print so we chose a smaller statement piece.

2. Strapless: Strapless tops are the perfect way to bring attention to your face. Using a large statement necklace will grab that hot boy's attention and make him see how pretty you are!

3. V Neck: V neck tops are quite simple. The neckline actually gives you a perfect palette for a necklace! Chose a necklace with a V type design that will fall perfectly in place.

4. Collar: Collared shirts are perfect for that large statement necklace you've been dying to wear! Button the shirt all the way up and wear it right under the collar.

5. Scoop or Boat Neck: Scoop or Boat necklines are the most common and easy to style because the neckline is high cut and gives you room to accessorize. Now is the time to wear that big bold necklace or long layers.

You can get all these looks at! We hope that you have found this helpful in deciding the perfect necklace! Comment below and let us know if you have any questions!

XOXO-The Girls at GUG

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We The People Wednesday!

of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.....

That't right GUG followers! The 4th of July is right around the corner! You've still got just enough time to order your 4th of July fashion at GUG in our one stop shop Patriotic section! Today we are going to highlight some of our favorite festive pieces and more!

Navy Scarf with American Flag Crosses

Top Right:
Old Rugged Rose Clay Earrings in Turquoise with Red

Bottom Right:
USA American Flag Ray Ban Style Sunglasses
Stars and Stripes Knitted Tank

Top Right:
Large Royal Blue Crystallized Cross Earrings

Bottom Right:
Independence Day Button Up Sheer Top

To purchase any of these items and to see more, go to and click on our Patriotic section! Hurry before we sell out!

Check out our brand new favorite just in today!

Distressed American Flag Scarf

Share this photo on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and you could be the lucky winner of this festive fashion piece from GUG! Comment below to tell us where you shared it, your username so we can find you, and your favorite 4th of July tradition! Don't forget to hashtag AND tag giddyupglamour or you will not be qualified to win! The winner will be announced Thursday 6/25/14 at 5:00 P.M. CST. GOOD LUCK!

XOXO-the girls at GUG

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Top 10 Tuesday

Happy Tuesday GUG followers! Today we are talking our top 10 favorite GUG pieces to brighten your day,

And we want to know...
What are yours?
Comment below and tell us! It is well known that people often dress according to the mood they are in, sometimes without even realizing it. Why not start the day out dressing the way your want to feel? Take control and fill your closet and your jewelry box with bright, happy, upbeat colors! Here are our top ten favorite necklaces to brighten up our outfits...

To purchase any of these GUG pieces, go to!

Hot Pink Bib Necklace

Double Circle Necklace in Lime

Bubbalicious Neon Orange Bubble Necklace

Neon Pink Flower Necklace

Neon Green Flower Necklace

Double Circle Necklace in Lemon

Neon Pink and Neon Yellow Statement Necklace

Orange and Gold Necklace with Hot Pink Dangles

Double Circle Necklace in Orange

Neon Yellow Flower Necklace

XOXO-the girls at GUG

Monday, June 16, 2014

Multi-ways Monday

Hey GUG followers!

You may wonder where you can return Mondays, but you won't want to return these shorts! Offered in regular sizes (crochet cuties) and plus sizes (heaven on earth) in select colors, these ruffle shorts are sure to go with just about anything in your closet. They come in coral, mint, black, ivory, turquoise, etc. Though they seem sweet and flirty, we are going to show you how they can be used to fit your style. To do this we will do a country chic look, a sweet and sassy look, and a rocker chick look. If you'd like to see a different style, comment below!

Country Chic

To get this look, got to and purchase:
Y'all Tank in Mint and White $19.95
Heaven on Earth Ruffle Shorts in Coral $24.95
Turquoise, Dark Coral, and Gold Beaded Necklace $16.95
Beaded Cross Headbands in Assorted Designs $12.95
Frills and Thrills Lace and Denim Vest $36.95

Rocker Chick

To get this look, got to and purchase:
Gypsy Soule Be Brave Be Fierce Camo Tank $39.95
Crochet Cutie Shorts in Black $26.95
*Also offered in Heaven On Earth Ruffle Shorts in PLUS SIZES $34.95*
KurtMen Leather Cuff Bracelets in Assorted Designs $42.95
Dixie Delight Cross and Charm Necklace $89.95

Sweet & Sassy

To get this look, got to and purchase:
Ruffle Me Up Tube Top in Peach $19.95
*Offered in plus sizes in select colors*
Crochet Cutie Shorts in Cream $26.95
*Also offered in Heaven On Earth Ruffle Shorts in PLUS SIZES $34.95*
Peach and Pearl Bangle Set $16.95
Watermelon and Lime Necklace $16.95

XOXO-have a great week! from the girls at GUG

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Totally Turquoise Thursday!

Turquoise is in and it's not leaving!

It's bright, it's happening, it goes with everything, and looks good on everyone! With turquoise, you just cannot go wrong! At GUG our favortie way to add a little touch of turquoise is with jewelry. If you want to add a pop of color, grab one of our turquoise jewelry pieces from the link below.

From necklaces, to earrings, bracelets, and headbands...we've got it all! Throw it on with any print or color. It goes great with coral or cheetah print.

Turquoise is a constantly trending color. In 2010 it was names Pantone's color of the year, and is still a popular color!!!

Today we are giving away a $25.00 gift card for a lucky blog follower! To qualify, you must share our blog via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and tag Giddy Up Glamour in the post. Comment on the blog with your Instagram, Facebook, or twitter name. This will notify us to make sure we receive your shared post! :) Share the blog just by copying the URL into your post or screenshotting it for Instagram-whatever you would like! Get creative! The winner will be announced by tomorrow, 6/13/14, at 5:00 P.M. CST

Keep the views and comments coming, we love hearing from our customers!

XOXO-the girls at GUG

Monday, June 9, 2014

Maxi Madness Monday

Hey GUG followers! It's Maxi Madness Monday here at Giddy Up Glamour and we are going to show you how easy maxi dresses are to wear, style up, and style down. Come Monday morning, you want something relatively easy to just slip on and go! Maxi dresses are the way to go! With just a few added accessories, you are ready to start off your week looking flawless!

Below are three different ways to wear the Chevron City Black and White Maxi Dress. Look #1 is going to be the easiest and quickest way to wear this maxi dress, with the dress itself being the focus and a pop of color with seedbead necklace to complete the look. Look #2 is perfect for if your looking to cover up a bit more with this simple but defined infinity scarf, and look #3 is the more dressed up look. Adding the denim vest adds a little more interest to this outfit and the pearls and lace keep it looking classic even with the modern, bold, chevron design.

To get look #1, go to and purchase:
Chevron City Black and White Maxi Dress $34.95
Huge Stack of Turquoise Beads Necklace Over 50 Strands $19.95
Silver Hammered Cross Cuff $12.95

To get look #2, go to and purchase:
Chevron City Black and White Maxi Dress $34.95
Super Soft Solid Color Infinity Scarf $9.95
Cross Beaded Headbands in Three Color Options $12.95
Turquoise Bracelet with Silver Studs and Chopper Crosses $14.95

To get look #3, go to and purchase:
Chevron City Black and White Maxi Dress $34.95
Frills and Thrills Lace and Denim Vest $36.95
Three Strands of Silver Beads, Pearls and Crystals Necklace $16.95
Lace Headbands in 15 Assorted Designs $6.95

Thanks for reading and keep checking back for more chances to win, styling tips, beauty tips, and more!

We would like to announce our winner for the commment contest from last week! Thank you for all your comments and views; KEEP THEM COMING!!!

Congrats, Randa Hooper! Please email us at to collect your $25.oo giftcard!

XOXO-the girls at GUG

Friday, June 6, 2014

Wanna be a GUG Gal?

Hey GUG Gals!
Have you been dying to work for Giddy Up Glamour? Have you ever wanted to work from the comfort of your own home? Then we have the PERFECT job for you!!!

More information coming June 11th! Please email us at if you are interested in receiving an application!

Have a great weekend!
XOXO-The girls at GUG

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thirteen Essentials Thursday

It's Thursday, GUG followers and we are talking essentials-those basic must haves in your closet to complete or even create a simplistic outfit. We are going back to the basics with these thirteen wardrobe essentials! Ever look in your closet and think..."I have nothing to wear!!!" Well, we have the solution for you! Here are thirteen staple garments that every GUG girl needs in her closet.

1) A Spot To Snuggle Heather Grey Slouchy Top $23.95-$26.95

2)Dainty Denim Pearl Snap Shirt $48.95

3) Color My Soul Sleeveless Collared Top in Khaki $14.95

4)Sweet Escape Sheer Pocket Top in White $23.95-$27.95

5) This Ain't Your Mama's Taupe Maxi Dress $42.95

6) Gold Chain Necklace $14.95

7) To The Max Black Maxi Skirt $12.95-$17.95

8) Dressed For Success Dress in Black $38.95

9) Boyfriend Distressed Skinny Jeans $49.95

10) These Ain't Your Boyfriend's Pants $49.95

11) Solid Fitted V Neck Tee Many Color Choices $8.95

12) Camisole with Lace Trim Over 20 Colors $8.95
Camouflage Camisole $8.95

We know what you're thinking...

13) Crochet Cutie Shorts in Cream $26.95

Below are three outfit ideas that show how easy these essentials are to mix and match!

Throw some camo into your mix! Don't be scared, camoflage is trending all over the runway this season and is sure to make you stick out! A denim top is the perfect go to when you don't know what to wear or how to complete an outfit, and what is more comfortable than a maxi skirt! Add your favorite necklace that goes with everything and you are set.

Any blouse with a button down front is versatile in what and how it can be worn. Button it down regular for a classic look, button it midway down and tie the bottom for a more flirty approach, or wear it open over a tank top with a little lace! Bet you did't know one shirt had so many options!

Get in touch with your natural beauty with this neutral colored outfit. White washed boyfriend jeans are simple, so comfortable, and go with everything! The gray tank with lace trim accents nicely under the sheer, lightweight white blouse and can be buttoned multiple ways as mentioned earlier. To complete this look here are five easy everyday make-up steps to create a lightweight and neutral palette that enhances your natural beauty!

Now that you have thirteen basic items, looking through your closet to find something to wear will be simply effortless! What is your favorite basic item from GUG? Comment and tell us for a chance to win a $25.00 gift card. The winner will be announced at 12:00 P.M. June 9th!

Happy Friday Eve! XOXO-the girls at GUG

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Transformation Tuesday!

Hey GUG followers! In honor of Transformation Tuesday, we are going to show you how to transform this top from day to night. It is important that pieces in your closet be versatile in how and when they can be worn. The more possibilities there are, the more you get for your money! Most tops can be taken from day to night in just a few simple steps and sometimes just by adding a little more sparkle to make that night time look special! The top we will be transforming is black, lightweight, and strapless with attached sleeves. This "Today Was a Fairytale" top comes in various colors and is a breeze to transform.

The day time look features this top with a pop of color to make for a more fun and vibrant look for the day time! To get this look, go to and purchase:
She's a Free Spirit Shorts in Neon Pink $22.95
Fancy Bib Necklace $12.95

The night time look transformed by taking away the bright, day time colors, and adding more intimate, deep colors to fit with the atmosphere of an evening event or outing. To get this look, go to and purchase:
Take Me Downtown Gold and Black Skirt $29.95
Gold and Pearl Bangle Set $14.95
Black Crystal Drop Necklace $19.95
Black and Crystal Teardrop Earrings $11.95

How easy was that? With just a few simple changes even you can transform your favorite top into a daytime and night time look! Thanks for stopping by! Comment and let us know what you would like to see featured on our next blog!

XOXO-the girls at GUG

Friday, May 30, 2014

Floral Friday!!!

Happy Friday GUG followers! Today we will be featuring an outfit of the day that will fill your floral frenzy. These secret garden shorts can be paired with just about anything, but today we chose our favorite denim top. It's cute, comfy, classic, and a go to staple when your just don't know what to wear; a must have in your closet for those days that you just can't seem to find an outfit! Paired with a sweet lace headband and light yellow bubble necklace, the outfit is complete, simple and chic!

Tag us on instagram, twitter, or facebook in your favorite floral outfit!

instagram: giddyupglamour

Add us on snapchat for all the latest updates:

snapchat: giddyupglamour

Have a fun weekend and check back next week for possible giveaways and beauty tips! XOXO-the girls at GUG

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On Wednesdays We Wear PINK!

What is pink? To some, it may just be a color. To some it is the universal color of love. To an artist, it may just be a mixture of white and red and nothing more. To a psychologist, it may mean the giving and receiving of compassion and love. It may stand for feminism and romance, kindness and empathy, or respect and admiration.

To a woman who has survived breast cancer, it is the color she gains strength and hope from.

“It represents strong, courageous, fighter, empowered, educated, faith, warrior and every other characteristic that helps us survive." -A Survivor

Today, we will be featuring some of our breast cancer items. Women do not stop fighting this disease when October ends, so let's spread some awareness with these GUG pieces!

White Cadet with Pink Polka Dot Breast Cancer Ribbon $14.95
Camo Cadet with Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon $29.95
Heaven on Earth Ruffle Shorts in Hot Pink $24.95
Black Short Sleeve Hope, Faith, Love Breast Cancer V Neck Tee $28.95
Black Short Sleeve Love, Hope, Faith Breast Cancer Tee $28.95

White Cadet with Pink Polka Dot Breast Cancer Ribbon $14.95
Silver Crystal Cross on Three Stranded Black Bead Necklace $9.95
Silver Crystal Cross on Three Stranded Black Bead Necklace $9.95
Linen On a Prayer Pants in Black $26.95-$29.95

Three Row Crystal Bangle $6.95
Breaking The Rules Leggings $19.95
Black Crystal Drop Necklace $19.95
We Can Cure It Neon Pink Baseball Tee $36.95

Comment & tell us what the color PINK means to you!
XOXO-the girls at GUG

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Top Crush Tuesday!

Hello GUG followers! We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable three day weekend! Today we will be doing our twist on "Man Crush Monday" and featuring a GUG top for what we will be calling "Top Crush Tuesday." The top we will be featuring on this Tuesday morning is our "Little Piece of Heaven Top." This flowy, sheer top is versatile with what it can be worn with and perfect and lightweight for the summer time. It is offered in four colors: black, peach, mint, and white. They are all four offered in regular and plus sizes. This easy to crush on top is perfect to wear with your favorite denim shorts for the summer as it is long and flowy in the back. The crochet on the sleeves adds a little touch of sweetness but still allows you to pair it with most anything. The top can be tied for a modest occasion or untied for a more carefree summertime look.

Little Piece of Heaven Top in Black $18.95-$22.95
Multiple Strands of Bead Cuff Bracelets in Assorted Colors $9.95
Long Multiple Strands of Silver with Turquoise Necklace $49.95
Silver and Gold Indian on Leather, Silver and Turquoise Necklace $24.95
Cross My Heart Denim Shorts $26.95

Little Piece of Heaven Top in Peach $18.95-$22.95
Beaded Headbands in Over 40 Designs $11.95
Mint, Coral and Gold Stretchy Cross Bracelet $12.95
Turquoise Beaded Necklace with Cross Pendant $24.95
Cross My Heart Denim Shorts $26.95

Little Piece of Heaven Top in Mint $18.95-$22.95
Silver Crystal Bangle Set $16.95
Hippie Chic Lace Headband 30 Color Options (Not Pictured) $14.95
Handmade Light Green and Iridescent Beaded Necklace with Silver Crystal Crosses $69.95
Cross My Heart Denim Shorts $26.95

Little Piece of Heaven Top in White $18.95-$22.95
Black & Gray Bib Necklace $19.95
Multiple Strands of Bead Cuff Bracelets in Assorted Colors $9.95
Cross My Heart Denim Shorts $26.95

Congrats to our lucky gift card winner, Lauren Dutton from last week! Please email us at to claim your gift certificate. Thank you to everyone who commented and keep them coming for more opportunities to win!

Comment & tell us what GUG top you are crushing on!
XOXO-the girls at GUG

Friday, May 23, 2014

Baby, you're a firework!

Happy Friday from the girls at GUG! It is just hours away from Memorial Day weekend and I bet you are all wondering how you are going to get that perfect festive look to commemorate the men and women who have lost their lives while serving for our country. We could not think of a better weekend to deck out in red, white, and blue!

Did you know that Memorial Day was formerly known as Decoration Day? It was and still is common that the graves of these American heroes are decorated in an American flag each year on this day. 'Decoration Day' originated after the Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers that lost their lives in the war. Today, now more commonly known as memorial day, it honors all Americans who have died while in the military service.

In honor of the more historically known name, we will be looking at some ways to decorate yourself on this American holiday for our fallen heroes!

Look #1

In this look, don't be afraid to mix patterns and play with texture! The deep reds and blues compliment each other no matter what print. To get this look visit and purchase:

American Flag Infinity Scarf $14.95
Just in the Knit of Time Shorts in Maroon $29.95
Want You To Stay Stripe Top in Navy and Ivory $29.95

Look #2

This look is the perfect combination of sweet and edgy! To get this look visit and purchase:

Silver and Black Dangle Earrings $14.95
Hubba Bubba Charcoal Crystal Bubble Necklace $12.95
Aztec Beaded Headbands $11.95
Color My Soul Sleeveless Collared Top in Red $14.95
Cross My Heart Denim Shorts $26.95

Look #3

You can't ever go wrong with a classic denim top! This look is classic meets country chic! To get this look visit and purchase:

Red and Gold Chevron Hoop Earrings $9.95
Red Beaded Necklace with Fancy Crystal Cross $24.95
Stack of Three Red Chevron Bangles $12.95
Dainty Denim Pearl Snap Shirt $48.95
Lace Getaway Lace Shorts in Ivory $29.95

Look #4

This look is G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S and classy with lace and pearls! The bright red and blue keeps it young and bold even in lace and pearls. To get this look visit and purchase:

Multiple Strands of White Pearls with Bow Bracelet $9.95
Lace Play A Game Royal Blue Lace Pants $26.95
Today Was A Fairytale Red Off Shoulder Top $26.95

Look #5

With this off the shoulders dress you are sure to look sassy and proud to be an American! To get this look visit and purchase:

Give Your Heart A Break Royal Blue Off The Shoulder Dress $32.95
Beaded Headbands in Over 40 Designs %11.95
Silver and Clear Crystal Bangles $16.95
7 Strands of Bright Red Beaded Necklace $19.95
Presidio Red and Royal Blue Square Earrings $29.95

Look #6

This look is totally Army Brat! We think it's so cute to tuck in any top to those adorable denim shorts! To get this look visit and purchase:

Camo Cadet with Black Rhinestone Cross $18.95
Live Free Flag Tee $36.95
Heart of Dixie Denim Shorts with Ivory Crotchet Trim $29.95

Look #7

Are you PROUD to be an american? Because this look says you are! To get this look visit and purchase:

Chevron Crystal Bangles in Red, White and Blue $14.95
Miss America Flag Vest $24.95
Ruffle Me Up Tube Top in White $19.95-$22.95
Royal Blue Crystal Hoop Earrings $12.95
Girl Next Door Ruffle Shorts $29.95
Beaded Headbands in Over 40 Designs $11.95

You've got your outfit; now all you need is a special desert to bring to that Memorial Day Party!


1 - 16.5 oz package Pillsbury refrigerated sugar cookie dough
1 - 8 oz package cream cheese, softened
1 - 8 oz container cool whip
Fruit for decorating

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Prepare a mini muffin tin by lightly spraying it with cooking spray.
3. Roll Sugar cookie dough into 3/4" balls and drop 1 per mini muffin cup. (There is no need to spread the balls of dough in the muffin tin. They will rise and fall to make the perfect little cups for your filling.)
4. Bake for 6-7 minutes.
5. Remove for muffin tins and cool completely on a wire metal rack.
6. In a medium sized bowl whip the softened cream cheese.
7. Add the cool whip to the cream cheese and beat until nice and smooth.
8. Fill cookie cups with the mixture. You can do this by placing the mixture in Ziploc bag, cutting off the tip of the bag, and piping into the cookie cups. Or you can just use a knife to spread the mixture in the cookie cups.
9. Decorate with fruit.

- You can bake the cookie cups a day ahead of time, but I recommend not filling them until the day you are serving them because the cookie will get soft.

Comment us below why you are proud to be an American for a chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate to GUG! The winner will be announced on Tuesday May 27th at 12:00 P.M. CST

Have a fun and safe weekend! XOXO-the girls at GUG