Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meet Morgan....

Meet my friend Morgan.
We have known Morgan for a number of years through livestock shows and her family is very special to us. I haven’t had the chance to get to spend a lot of time with Morgan until she and her mom recently vacationed with us. While Morgan loved showing livestock to an extent, I knew that her heart really lies with Special Olympics. Morgan has competed in Special Olympics for eight years traveling all over Texas to complete and as far away as Lincoln, Nebraska for the national games. This girl is dedicated I tell ya and she loves sports! She has competed in volleyball, softball, bocce, basketball, track, bowling and golf but her specialties are table tennis, soccer and flag football. In fact I learned that her best chance at going to the national competition is in flag football, bocce and soccer.
Here's Morgan in action at table tennis.
Who doesn't love a medalist!!!

It’s no secret that one of my favorite vacations is a cruise. We live so close to the Port of Galveston that we cruise as often as possible. Carnival offers a great weekend cruise for great prices. Morgan and her mom joined us when we went on a weekend cruise earlier this month. It just so happened that our cruise was during the last of the summer Olympic events. While cooling off in the pool Morgan and I had a very nice conversation about the Olympics. It seems that she was glued to the television during the whole event and can recount and discuss just about every competition. My favorite events are swimming and gymnastics. Morgan’s favorite events are the equestrian events and diving. When I learned that we both share water sports as a favorite event, I quickly amused her by stating that we were going to start a synchronized swimming team and start training on the spot for Rio in 2016. We will be called the "Carnival Cuties." She laughed out loud. But not as loudly as the other ladies in our group when I announced to them that they too were expected to be on our team.

Here's our synchronized swim team. We are a motley looking crew but we have a good time! We do need to work on holding our breath longer, not to mention we need to work on our moves! Maybe a Back Tuck? The Oyster? How about throwing in The Water Wheel?
Here's part of the team resting in the Gatorade Hot Tub....no it's not really Gatorade...but who makes a hot tub yellow?

No team is complete without a coach.....well maybe we should interview for a new coach?
He look's thrilled doesn't he? He spends his cruise vacation close to the ice cream machine. Oh and sitting by our towels, purses, chairs and floppy hats. Why didn't he put on the hat that matched his outfit? Men....geez!

What's your favorite Olympic event? Or make up a new one....Leave me a comment for a chance to win $25 gift certificate. Drawing will be on Wednesday night at 10 p.m.cst

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Good Ole Revival

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in two years???? It’s time for a revival. If you are Baptist and live in the south you know this term well! When I was a kid churches would pop up tents and have their revivals outside in the 150 degree Texas summer. Now days I see revival banners pop up outside churches but rather than sitting out under a tent, sweating to beat the band, and fanning like there’s no tomorrow, church goers now sit in the comfort of air conditioning. So I got off track with the whole walk down revival lane. The revival I was referring to is a revival of blogging. I couldn’t decide what my first revival blog needed to be about. I read over the last blogs and that started me thinking about what all has changed since I last wrote. I wrote out a lot of gibberish and then decided you didn’t want to hear all that so here’s the short version: I aged two years, lost 154 lbs., opened two boutiques, gained lots of Facebook fans, got two kids out of college, got one more headed to her last year of high school, had a litter of puppies (not me, my dog!), started renovating my house, washed 4,289 loads of laundry, washed 6,742 loads of dishes, flushed the toilet 9,108 times, picked my nose, watched Pinterest take off online, saw the boom of reality shows involving housewives and wondered why my laundry, dishes, flushes didn't get me a show. But first and foremost gained lots of new and great Giddy Up Glamour customers!! So with that short version of my last two years, I’ve pitched my revival tent…it’s time to start blogging again. Can I get a big Hallelujah! And we're going to be giving away some great “stuff” for my readers….stay tuned glamouristas!