Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Don't miss out!

Have you seen all of our new sale items? You'd be crazy to miss this opportunity. We have dresses, tunics, necklaces, lace pants, and much more. We even have sale items for only $5.00! Go Get yours today at www.gugonline.com and click on 'sale items'
Yellow Lace Pants- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=11041
Multiple Strands of Lime and Gold Necklace- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=8182
Turquoise and Gold Teardrop Necklace- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=8370
Rust Simple Tunic- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=5719
Turquoise Dress- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=7703

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