Tuesday, July 7, 2015


This twin Tuesday we are looking at the Peplum top. On the bottom, there is Giddy Up Glamour's Peplum tops in white, pink, and black. On the top pictures, there is Reese Witherspoon and Kim Kardashian in their similar looking Peplum tops. There can be a good amount of use out of these tops. You can pair this top with some skinny jeans for that chic street style look. You can also pair it with a pencil skirt for business attire or a day at the office. It could even be matched with a more causal skirt or pair of shorts for a date night or maybe girl's night out. Go get your chic peplum at www.gugonline.com!
White Peplum- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=11255
Pink Peplum- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=11254
Black Peplum- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=11253

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