Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Necklace To Wear Wednesday?

Hey GUG Gals!

We hope that you're having a fabulous Wednesday! Choosing accessories can sometimes be an exhausting task. Deciding weather or not you have chosen too much or too little can be a bit confusing.When it comes to picking the perfect necklace to go with the neckline on your top, you might find yourself in quite the dilemma. Well today we are here to help you decide which necklace to chose, by showing you what looks best with certain necklines!

1. Crew Neck: Crew necklines are high cut and usually fit right around the neck. Therefore when choosing a necklace you have lots of room to accessorize. In our example, we used a smaller statement necklace with a graphic tee. In this case we were trying to not cover up the graphic print so we chose a smaller statement piece.

2. Strapless: Strapless tops are the perfect way to bring attention to your face. Using a large statement necklace will grab that hot boy's attention and make him see how pretty you are!

3. V Neck: V neck tops are quite simple. The neckline actually gives you a perfect palette for a necklace! Chose a necklace with a V type design that will fall perfectly in place.

4. Collar: Collared shirts are perfect for that large statement necklace you've been dying to wear! Button the shirt all the way up and wear it right under the collar.

5. Scoop or Boat Neck: Scoop or Boat necklines are the most common and easy to style because the neckline is high cut and gives you room to accessorize. Now is the time to wear that big bold necklace or long layers.

You can get all these looks at! We hope that you have found this helpful in deciding the perfect necklace! Comment below and let us know if you have any questions!

XOXO-The Girls at GUG

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