Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What do you wear to the gym?

We all know it's workout season and we are all trying our best to keep that summer bod for summer vacation. Well, now you can look fashionable for a day at the gym. Giddy Up Glamour has all the necessary items. All the athletic shorts and shoes are on sale too!
Chevron Athletic Shorts- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=12238
Aztec Athletic Shorts- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=12242
Cheetah Athletic Shorts- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=12241
Mint and Pink Aztec Athletic Shoes- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=12694
Neon Aztec Athletic Shoes- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=12130
Cheetah Athletic Shoes- http://www.giddyupglamouronline.com/catalog.php?item=12693

find many more styles at gugonline.com and search 'athletic'

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