Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 2, 2010
Do you have one of those radio stations in your town that offers bumper stickers for your car and then if they spot you driving around town, they pull you over to win stuff? Well, we don’t have bumper stickers and I can’t drive all over the United States, plus several other countries looking for my fan’s vehicles, but a recent incident happened that reminded me of the radio bumper stickers.

First some background -
For those of you that don’t show livestock, you are going to gain a new education by ready my blog since much of our life revolves around livestock shows. In Texas we start off in January of each year with the Ft. Worth Livestock Show. It is officially called the Southwestern Livestock Exposition but everyone here just calls it “Ft. worth Stock Show”. We roll out of that one and right into the San Antonio Livestock Show. For my family, we don’t go back home from there but rather leave San Antonio and go straight to San Angelo for their stock show. Right now as I type we are at home for a week or two and getting the livestock ready to go to the Houston Livestock Show next week, which overlaps with Austin’s Livestock show and then we get back home with a few days to spare before our local county show at the end of March. Whew! Makes you tired, huh? You would think that we would rest up a bit after all this but then it’s time to hit the road looking for the next string of show animals and the summer weekend shows will start up followed by the biggest prospect show in Texas, the Belt Buckle Bonanza over July 4th and then before you know it the State Fair rolls around in late September, overlapping with the Heart O Texas show in October, followed closely by the Fall Classic (cooler version of the Bonanza) in November. Then it seems no time until it is time for Ft. Worth again and the cycle goes on and on… and I am pretty sure that is the biggest “run on“sentence ever!

And now to set the scene -
We still have one daughter left at home showing. Abby is a freshman and she loves to show. She shows steers, heifers, lambs, goats and pigs. We tried turkeys for two years and decided that wasn’t for us. As you can imagine, with that many projects it takes lots of help. Abby has enjoyed a lot of success that we owe to a couple of key people in our close circle of livestock family. Anyway, back to the story…. Since we had to get a lamb and a steer to San Antonio in the same day, my husband left at midnight with the lambs and our middle daughter and our Show Cattle Manager, Ryan, left the next day with Abby’s steer. The “line” in San Antonio is an experience all in its own. There you will find everyone lined up with their trucks and trailers waiting to get into the barn with their livestock. When the gates open to get into “line” it is basically every man for himself!

This is where the whole story takes place. Ryan and Mallory pull in to the line with our load of steers and given that there will be several hours left to wait, the visiting among the inhabitants of the vehicles commences. As the two made their way around the parking lot they happened upon a young lady that was wearing some GIDDY UP GLAMOUR. Mallory nonchalantly mentioned that she liked the necklace. This young lady promptly filled her in on GIDDY UP GLAMOUR, where to find us on Facebook, the great deals we offer and that they had to be sure to look in the INSANE ALBUM – for $10 NECKLACES!!!! She was full of compliments of Giddy Up Glamour’s products and customer service! No, she didn’t have a GIDDY UP GLAMOUR bumper sticker, but, she might as well have and we really appreciate all our fans out there. Next time you are at a livestock show, or somewhere in between, you never can tell who you might be talking to – it might be a member of our GLAMOUR TEAM!

A big ole Texas hug and thank you goes to AMBER HUCKABEE, an Ag Science teacher from Dallas, Texas that we just happened upon while waiting in the steer line in San Antonio, Texas. AMBER, we have a goody bag waiting for you! Email us at so we can get it sent out to you!


  1. We don't even say Stock Show, so when I told someone (not from the show world) I was going to FTW, I had to laugh when they asked why!
    I can't wait for my order! Thanks! Shelly Spearman

  2. I love Fort Worth! Your merchandise is wonderful! I'm getting ready to shop and find something for my grand daughter for her birthday.

  3. love the story! And your products, too! will be placing an order soon.

  4. I love your products!! Just haven't made my mind up on what to buy!! :)

  5. There are so many things I like I don't know what to buy first. Your stuff is so cute and so reasonably priced.

  6. Well.. State fair is over, Ft Worth is over, San Angelo too. So now on to Houston. Time to get glamlourized for Houston. The life is hard and well worth the effort.

  7. Ask Mallory about the young man that walked up to her a HLSR and asked about Ryan , she even kept a straight face !! It was so funny....

  8. I love your stuff!!!! I wish I could own one of everything!